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More than JUST a Feminist T-shirt Company

The JUST Drop It Company is more than just a feminist t-shirt company. We are a community of empowering women and supporters of gender equality. By dropping the "f-word", we are normalizing our existence in male dominated careers. Our movement starts with you and all the hardworking women in these careers. Our products are a symbol of women's equality, opportunity and strength. Our goal is for men and women to see our t-shirts, hoodies, and tanks and to realize we are subconsciously putting women in a subcategory. The movement starts now! Are you ready to drop the "f-word"?


"It's not about hiding your femininity or being ashamed of it. We should be very proud to be women in these high-power positions. This is about normalizing our existence there."

Lucy Atkins - The JUST Drop It Company Founder

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